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1 (4 1/2 Lb. ) Fryer

1/2 c Dry White Wine OR

Vermouth 2 tb Minced Shallots

1 tb Chopped Fresh Tarragon

OR 1 t. Dried Tarragon Crushed 1/8 ts Salt

1/8 ts Pepper

1 1/2 c Plain Yogurt

2 c Water

3/4 lb Small New Potatoes

Quartered 1 lb Fresh Green Beans

1 tb Safflower OR Other

Vegetable Oil 1/8 ts Salt

1/8 ts Pepper

1/2 sm Purple Onion Cut Into

Thin Strips Remove Giblets & Neck From Chicken. Rinse Chicken & Pat Dry. Place Chicken in A Large Cooking Bag. Seal Bag According To Package Directions. Cut Slits in Top Of Bag. Place Chicken & Bag in A 13 X 9 X 2 Inch Baking Pan. Bake At 350 Degrees For 2 Hours OR Untildrumsticks Move Easily. Remove From Bag &

Let Cool. Skin & Bone Chicken; Cut Into 1/2 in. Pieces. Cover & Chill. Combine Wine, Shallots, Tarragon, 1/8 t. Salt & 1/8 t. Pepper in A Small Saucepan; Cook Over Medium Heat Until All Liquid Is Absorbed. Combine Herb Mixture & Yogrut in A Medium Bowl. Cover & Chill Several Hours. Bring 2 Cups Water To A Boil in A Medium Saucepan. Add Potatoes; Cover, Reduce Heat & Simmer 5 Min. OR Until Tender. Remove Potatoes From Liquid, Reserving Liquid. Set Potatoes Aside. Wash Beans, Trim Ends & Cut in Half. Return Reserved Liquid To A Bowl. Add Beans, Cover, Reduce Heat & Simmer 5 Min. OR Until Crisp- Tender. Drain. Combine Reserved Potatoes & Beans; Add Oil, 1/8 t. Salt & 1/8 t. Pepper, Tossing Gently. Cover & Chill. Combine Reserved Chicken, Yogurt Mixture & Purple Onion. Spoon Into Center Of A Serving Platter. Arrange Potatoes & Green Beans Around Chicken Mixture. About 280 Cal. Per 2/3 C. Chicken Mixture & 1/2 C. Vegetables. (Fat 9.6. Chol. 88.)